Always-on CraftStudio servers!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by elisee, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. elisee Official CraftStudio Team

    Hey fellow CraftStudians!

    Anybody here interested in having an always-on hosted CraftStudio server for a few bucks a month? I'm looking for early adopters before launching the offer to everyone. If you're interested, just send me a private message and I'll give you the details & links for subscribing.

    Thanks! <3
  2. M@X Member

    Oh wow :eek: "launching the offer to everyone"
  3. xenofex Member

    Wait what? My english is not that good. What is the benefit of such an server?
  4. redcloakwarrior Active Member

    it's 24/7 basicly
  5. xenofex Member

    Ok, whats the use of such a craft studio server? I know a server is always online, but what does that have to do with craftstudio ( yes, i havent really worked with craftstudio yet )
  6. redcloakwarrior Active Member

    it allows people to go on the your craft studio server anytime they want to which is great when you're offline and you can't host it
  7. xenofex Member

    And help you with the development of your game? Whenever they want?
  8. redcloakwarrior Active Member

  9. xenofex Member

    Can i also setup my own server for the craftstudio? Because i already have an server here.
  10. redcloakwarrior Active Member

    yeah it should run once craft studio is installed
    but you may have to set up ports for it
  11. Florent Active Member

    Just to clarify : the point of such server is not to get help, it's just to have projects accessible 24/7.

    Projects that you host on your local server (which is launched when you open CraftStudio's client) are not accessible when the server is not running, which is always the case when your computer in not running itself.
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