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    Participations :

    firecracker - farfadet - AssetId : 31009
    brick - farfadet - AssetId : 29740
    wrench of 12 - farfadet - AssetId : 30143
    catapult + animations - RealmOfChaos = Adrlink4 - Download
    larger image
    meteorite - redcloakwarrior - Download
    catapult + ball on fire - zxx371 - Download


    portal gun - Chlorodatafile - Download or CH "Chlorodatafiles Models/Portal Gun"



    Welcome to the very first Free Model Jam!
    The Free Model Jam is a weekly event where everyone can share his models based on the theme of the week. There are two groups of winners in this event. First, the participants because they can progress and share. Second, everyone else because every submission can be freely re-used in everyone's creations.

    1. Theme announcement on Wednesday at midday, hour of Paris
    2. Participations during the whole week on this thread, on the french forum and blog
    3. Next Wednesday at midday, the 3 threads will be edited so they list the submissions (with creator's pseudonyms)
    What time is it in Paris?

    How to join in

    This edition's theme is Projectile. Does it inspire you? Let us know by posting a message/comment/reply with your model on this thread OR on the french forum's topic OR on the french blog's news.
    Your message should have 2 elements:
    1. One screenshot (or more) of your model
    2. If your model is in the Community Hub, then give the Asset Id (/assetid in the chat)
      OR add a download link to the .cspack (exporting) which contains the asset (the model)
    3. Eventually pseudonyms (and a short commentary) to be mentioned alongside the model. By default I will only mention the English forum pseudonym of the poster, so explicitly ask in your message the information you want me to add. (Such as a list of contributors.)
    Note that you can submit how many models you want. They can be made by several people but all of them must agree to renounce their rights on it after submission. Submissions must be based on the theme and you only have one week to submit them. Afterwards, late submissions might be rejected from the summary.

    Help 1: How to upload an image and to give the screenshot
    Help 2: How to upload a file and to give the download link

    Submission's license

    By taking part in this event, you agree that your model fall under the Creative Commons 0 license.

    However, it's always nice (but it's no more an obligation) to credit the creators of the model you re-use. In this way, the creator can get recognition and the free models can be shared more easily. ;)

    So, are you feeling creative? Or generous? Or you want to progress?
    Don't wait! Post your CraftStudio models here!
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  3. awsgames New Member

    What if I don't want my models to be freely used by anyone? Am I suddenly not allowed to make and share models based around the weekly theme?
  4. M@X Member

    Competes in the "Absolutely not Free and not Generous Model Jam" ;)
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    Wow nice. The texture is very pretty and the "flame effect" looks good.
    Where can we find or download this model?

    You can, but not in this thread.
    I think it's the best way to keep things easy (and to avoid errors) for people who wants to download.
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    My model

    Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 12.17.37.png

    Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 12.18.15.png

    Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 12.18.38.png
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    If you use the models Do you have to add a acknowledgment to the people who made it
  9. VanMerwan Member

    It's not a requirement. However I hope they do it anyway, it's a nice way to say "Thank you".
    Your model is nice. I am just waiting an AssetId (community hub) or a download link so people can use it.
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  11. Chlorodatafile New Member

    Well, that's my participation ! It is on the community hub, in my folder, at : "Chlorodatafiles Models/Portal Gun" or just click on the screen, you will have the download link ! ;) [IMG]
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    The first post has been edited with all your models. (both english and french side)
    Thanks a lot for your participations.
    I'm going to post a new topic for the next theme, I hope you will take part (again)

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