How to have a bigger community?

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by VanMerwan, May 1, 2014.

  1. VanMerwan Member

    Hi. I'm asking this because I find our community too small.
    We need more hands, humans, opinions and skills.
    A lot of us are playing CraftStudio alone, it's wasting the game's potential of fun.
    CS is not only a tool, but a multiplayer game. The community is primordial.

    How to stop the bleeding and to make new players coming back to CS ?
    Create contests, competition, tutorials, tutoring, open projects ?
    Create more games, a skill-matching system, a community gamification system ?
    What solution(s) is the more urgent/efficient/accessible ?
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  2. Martinus3000 New Member

    Community project are really important.Project where ALL the community of craftstudio work together,like every event that was made by LGCLV. the only bad thing is the important members of the community don't want to participate or create them.
  3. darkshadow42 Member

    Tutorials, tutoring and open projects sound like good ideas. Though open projects are tricky in getting the scope right so that it runs long enough for everyone to participate yet not too large to be daunting. I've just started on helping on a project other than my own and it will be interesting to see how it goes. I'm also trying to work on more modular style scripts so that code newbies can drag and drop modules onto their scene objects to give most of the basic gameplay, still got a fair amount to do until I have anything good enough to distribute.
  4. dante231 Member

    You're right, i have the feeling that Craftstudians forget the community aspect of CS. Personaly,I have given up a little CS because of the lack of time, but I try to getting back.

    There are many ways to promote CS.
    As it was said above, community projects are a good way but need a good promotion around the web.
    Also, a big finished project (as a game or a movie) could be a good way to show what CS allows to do. For example,I think that CraftFighters helped CS a lot.
    However, little projects could be great too, especially if they come with a "making-of".
    I was thinking to a video documentary, wich presents some projects and shows how it can be simple to realize them. It could include interview of developers who aren't profesional but amateur (no offense intended, I mean it's not their job to program/develop games) to make people understand that anyone can use CS.

    I see a kind of limit to the community aspect nevertheless : the server aspect. I know that it's wip, but this obligation to have the project 's host online to access to it is an important obstacle. We need dedicated server (as low cost of course, with similar offers to Minecraft servers).

    I will come back later if I have other ideas.

    P.S. Sorry for 2 things :
    -my english and all faults
    -extra spaces between words, my keyboard is bad working...
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  5. Martinus3000 New Member

    they don't forget the community aspect,they just don't know there is one.
    I am not really good in english too ^^
  6. elisee Official CraftStudio Team

    Thanks for starting this thread & sharing thoughts, please keep it up. It means a lot to me that people care about CraftStudio like that.

    We need to sit down & think a lot about how to get the community more connected. CraftStudio is a failure in this regard: projects get forgotten, finished games aren't played much, there's not much feedback.

    Some areas that are particularly weak:

    Finished projects get forgotten because members don't join them. When a "spectator" stops by, no one is here and so no discussion happens. Maybe we need some persistent chat / threaded discussion so that people can leave messages and get replies later? Also people should be able to follow a project and get notified when new activity happens like new messages, etc.

    We need a great way to publish games, browse, comment & rate them. This should be a part of the platform and not require any FTP and stuff. You click on "Publish" and your archives get generated & uploaded to the CraftStudio games library automatically. You get a link back, you can customize descriptions, screenshots & stuff like that and people can play & download your game there.

    (FIY this is one of the many kinds of stuff I'm working to figure out for the rewrite of CraftStudio I'm currently experimenting with.)
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  7. ShadowFire3800 Active Member

    We will be able to publish on other platforms, like Steam, right Elisee? A Steamworks addon to CraftStudio would be nice.
  8. elisee Official CraftStudio Team

    Just like you currently can, yes. (Steamworks support would be the kind of stuff the community should be able to add with an add-on, hopefully - this is all speculative, I'm not very far along)
  9. Florent Active Member

    One thing we can do at least to increase the public's awareness about CraftStudio is to public finished games (CraftFighter, MineMatcher, Karkass, Insp. Badass, Spheruner ...) outside CS's community .

    That include posting webplayer version on games portals.
    But also creating a IndieDB page for the games and making them available on Desura.

    Take time to fix and polish Jam games a bit and maybe add relevant features (like online multiplayer for CraftFighter, Karkass).
  10. Apox New Member

    Hi, I think it will be a good idea to focus a bit on the wide community aspect of craftstudio.

    Until now, the only way to share assets, is to export them and post them on forums. It's OK, but it will be a lot nicer to find them directly on Craftstudio and be able to sort/rate/comment/import them easily. Many of us, as you all said, finish by trying to make a game alone, because finding motivated people for our project is not easy.

    Maybe if be able to contribute to the community by making some assets and have the possibility to easily find them for our game can motivate us to invest our time in craftstudio.

    It's just an idea, it can be non practical for some reasons I didn't think of.
  11. darkshadow42 Member

    These are both awesome ideas!
  12. ShadowFire3800 Active Member

    I think if Elisee really does pull off making CraftStudio more modular, it could become big. Especially with the cost and simplicity of it.
  13. Shqiptar New Member

    I think there are a lot of aspect on Craftstudio which are difficult to resolve.

    1 - There are no news on the software about projects or community (just Elisee's news for updates)

    I think the community HUB will be take this place. I think too, like Elisee had say it before, the CH takes a lot of place on his server. So makes it to a news panel seems to me to be a good idea.
    It will be cool if we have an option in our project to make news on the CH and after if they want, they can follow a project. I just think about something which report some news will be very cool. Create a team account or try to search a good way to make it realisable
    I know what I say is not simple but make something like that can be really cool.

    2 - Today there are not a lot of poeple who stay in the CH (and I think it's a serious problem !)
    Before answer this problem we must ask ourselves "why people don't stay inside ?"
    Personnaly I think because they are not connected on a project which are working. We must think what we do if we see nobody ? Exactly nothing, so what I do ? I disconnect and i go in other place.
    But if I see connected people and I want to create a project or help someone, nobody answer.

    So now this is what I see :
    Instead of to be on skype, CH can take the role too. All people connected on CS are in the same time connected on the CH and they can't be disconnected of it. But if this happen, the good way is to not actived the orange blink when we receive a message. Just make the CH blink ^^ (in the list of project).

    I know all what I say it's a lot of modification on the software.

    3 - The difficulty of development !

    Development is a big part if you want to realise games but the documentation isn't "completed" in all languages. It's not the work of Elisee and nobody do it (I can do that too ...).
    A lot of kids (or other persons older)don't know how to make a HUD or move their character(s).
    We must rallied all tutorials in one place and to have diffirent translation.

    4 - What CraftStudio can do ?

    Like said Florent, we must show what teams or persons can do with CS. And for this make advertisements for CS in game and publish it on website like Desura !

    PS : sorry for my English ... And I think on the french forum the same discution will be good =p It's the problem of the language one more time ! =p
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  14. bilou84 Moderator

    This thread is really interesting ! Like some people said, we currently lack some community events to help gather and strengthen our members.

    I'm thinking about reviving the old community hub but to become a community game. I'm still thinking about it but here are some of the current ideas.
    First of all, it will be a permanent project. We will be able to add some contents all the time to let people contribute as much as they want.

    The game may be some kind of plate-former. It's "easy" to script and may be a good way to learn. In this point, i may do all the scripting stuff by myself while streaming weekly or something like that. It will let people follow along the evolution of the game.
    The skin of the character could be personalized by every member on the project. It can be a good way to learn how to use the model tool.
    Moreover, we can do a great numbers of levels and update the game on a regular basis. This will let people learn how to use the map and the scene tools. Models is also interesting to add decoration to a level.

    One cool feature could be a leader board on a daily (or weekly or whatever) level, randomly picked among every level. It will add some challenge and also some kind of reward to see his own level be played be everyone !

    Well, as you can guess I can't manage such a project all alone so if you are interested in helping me organize everything don't hesitate. Keep in mind that I will probably start with people I already know at least a little. But the main goal is to grow the community so things will evolve !

    As I said, these are some ideas and any feedback is welcome :) I'm thinking about doing a stream, probably the Saturday 17th to chat about that with you people ! I'm French so it would be easier to speak in French but I understand that the whole project will reach more people if I do it in English. I may try but I'm not sure my speaking English is good enough... To be decided with the audience !
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  15. Erwan0fil Active Member

    I think the community hub should be like it was before, and every weeks / months all of the assets would be deleted
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  16. Florent Active Member

    If no one speaks on the community hub, that's because there is nothing to speak about and nothing to do.
    Since spectators can't do anything but browse the very few assets there is, the CH is currently more like a "small VIP Showcase".

    We already talked about it, but I think we really should have a "Community Sandbox" like the old CH, where everyone can create and everything is deleted periodically for the (sad) memory reasons.
    Along side the sandbox, a "Community Showcase" would feature the best assets and be curated only by a few moderators.

    The wiping of the sandbox can be turned into a community event, promoting the assets that have been transferred to the showcase, and inviting people to create.
    The sandbox can also be a good place to host events like the model jam : people would just create stuff on the sandbox (with the CS's free version and no forum account required).
  17. bilou84 Moderator

    The idea of a community game should help newcomers to learn because they will know what to do. When the goal is already set, you can quickly start and do something without the whole "what should I do ?".
    Since it will be a place to learn CraftStudio, we can let people do what they want as well (not related to the game. And it will be up to the moderators to go around the project and clean it some time to time, as Florent suggests. And of course we can keep the better creations to put them in the current Community Hub.
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  18. Martinus3000 New Member

    if the idea of the community game is taken,I have something for it too. every month,the game is uploaded and downloadable,and we change what style of game it is. like may: platformer , june: FPS , july: puzzle game.
    You see what I mean?
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  19. redcloakwarrior Active Member

    my idea for a community game could be that you can have like proffesional users of craft studio for what you want to learn in the community game they will teach u which could be a cool idea and that way if u make a mistake they can find it and show u how to fix it :D
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  20. bilou84 Moderator

    Yeah I didn't say that clearly but I was thinking the same thing. All people around will be there to help you make progress since you share a common goal ^^.
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