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Discussion in 'Let's make a game together!' started by bilou84, May 11, 2014.

  1. bilou84 Moderator

    The idea of a community game came up from another thread about growing the CraftStudio community.

    I'm making another thread here to discuss the particular idea of making a community game. The goal of this project is to help strengthen an grow the community thanks to a common project.

    Here are the main idea of the project: everyone in the community will be able to contribute to the game. It will replace in some capacity the old Community Hub. Newcomers will be able to come to this project, learn to use CraftStudio with other people while they collaborate on the game. This game will also be a good teaching tool. To follow the project, I will do weekly streams (at least). It will be a good opportunity to make some live tutorials and see the game grow. I may do all the scripting of the game by myself (probably the minimum to get the basis of the game working) so every stream will sort of be an episode of the creation of the game.

    To discuss more about this project (what kind of game, how to manage everything, ...) I suggest we hold the first stream next weekend. I set up a poll to settle the exact date: http://strawpoll.me/1675773

    This thread will be used to give updates about the project but it is also the right place to share your thoughts about the whole project so don't hold back!

    Project link: http://open.craftstud.io/craftstud.io/2008539b-e3d1-4ef9-afe2-8d73f71f5a85
    Livestream: http://www.hitbox.tv/bilou84
    You can see the live after in the videos if you missed it. Since we are mostly French people, we spoke in French. We tried to traduce in English in the chat but it might be hard to follow...
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  2. darkshadow42 Member

    I will be a bit busy to be involved much over the next couple of weeks but will definitely be interested in participating afterwards.
  3. Mitchell Well-Known Member

    This could be a fun way to get the community involved together. I'd be up to contribute something.
  4. redcloakwarrior Active Member

    this sounds pretty cool to do i can most likely do some of the art for it or more
  5. UC101 New Member

    I could build the maps!
  6. Ikky Member

    I think I can do some art-related assets too. Not much free time but this is a very good idea
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  7. darkshadow42 Member

    to elaborate once I am free I will be able to work on scripting. Anyone got any ideas for theme/genre that is realisticly achievable ?
  8. redcloakwarrior Active Member

    mabye a simple 3d shooting game (if someone is good enough add multiplayer)
  9. Pixx New Member

    I'm in for some mapping!
  10. darkshadow42 Member

    There is already Cold Iron and project FPS, so a lot of the code is already there if we can get permission to make use of it. A FPS could be a good idea for a larger community project as there are lots of different areas which can be worked on in parallel (think of maps and additional player models, weapons etc...)
  11. Mitchell Well-Known Member

    As someone who worked on Cold Iron (albeit not the code, but still), I'd say the code is too customized to the game to be ported to another game, but Project FPS might work if you wanted multiplayer. It really depends on what you want to do, and what variables are being kept track of, etc.
  12. bilou84 Moderator

    I'm glad to see your interest in this project !
    As I said, I want this project to be a support to teach newcomers how to use CraftStudio. So I don't think implemented multiplayer is a good idea because it is complicated. Moreover, I want to do all the scripting stuff live to explain how it works so I will not take others people code (at least at the beginning) unless it provides functions which are easy to use (so everyone would be able to use it as I do).

    The two mains constraints for choosing the game are :
    - having a simple gameplay (in terms of implementation)
    - having the possibility to develop the project on long-term (by adding new levels, new decorations, new skins or whatsoever)

    Keep thinking about it. The stream which be hold this weekend is all about deciding what game we will do :)
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  13. redcloakwarrior Active Member

    well if you want something simple and fun then we can do a hack and slash sidescroller and i can also livestream me doing textures or other things if you would like me to
  14. redcloakwarrior Active Member

    also what day is this livestream and can i have the link please
  15. bilou84 Moderator

    Alright, given the poll I did, the stream will be on Saturday 17th starting at 9 p.m. (GMT +2 - France). I hope to see you there! http://www.hitbox.tv/bilou84

    You sure are encouraged to livestream while you work on the game ! I want this project to be a place where everyone helps each others.
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  16. Darkhog Active Member

    How about 3D Platformer? I've always wanted to do such game but there always was one detail that made any attempt futile: Making proper camera that doesn't clip through things and can be rotated around player if needed.
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  17. redcloakwarrior Active Member

    because im bored and had the spare time i did a concept for characters
    fancy man willhelm and his butler charlston . i drew these in a cartoony style great for any game
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  18. darkshadow42 Member

    What would be awesome is if the game had local co-op using the xbox controller for the second player. Still before that we need a game which is still fun single player.
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  19. redcloakwarrior Active Member

    if anyone wants me too i can do more with the characters? mabye a sketch of a games intro with those two
  20. redcloakwarrior Active Member

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