Penguin Dash

Discussion in 'CraftStudio Games' started by federan, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. federan Funder !

    Hi everyone, I started this game to understand LUA and CraftStudio.
    Now It is a really awesome project that I will try to keep alive a long time, trying to update it by times.


    - "W, A, S, D" or "Up, Down, Left, Right" to increase moving forces to the penguin.
    - "Escape" to go to the Level Selection Screen.
    - "Enter" to select/accept.
    - Key "1" to change to standard camera.
    - Key "2" to change between inclined cameras.
    - Key "3" to change between sky cameras.
    - "Space" to switch between cameras.
    - "NUMPAD +" (At peaceful mode) to skip level.
    - "Shift" (At peaceful mode) to freeze the penguin.
    XBOX Controller:
    - Stick to increase moving forces to the penguin.
    - "Start" to go to menu.
    - "LB" to scroll cameras back.
    - "RB" to scroll between cameras.
    - "A" to accept / put a flag in Self Generated levels / freeze penguin in peaceful mode.
    - "B" to cancel / go back.

    Build 18:
    - Flags added to Self Generated mode. You will respawn to the last flag you used if you fall down.
    - Mouse controls disabled.
    - XBOX Controls now fully supported.
    - Background fix.


    Old builds and changelogs: Dash/ChangeLog.txt

    Thank you all for downloading it!
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  2. Chosenlama Member

    nice one, i think is it hard at the 3rd level, very cool!
  3. federan Funder !

    Hahaha a friend told me the same! I will change mazes on the next version.
    Thank you so much for playing it!
  4. Chosenlama Member

    yeah! could you change the movement to its not like im walking over ice?
  5. federan Funder !

    Erm thats the idea. You are applying moving forces to the cube. Thats why the name is Inertial Maze, because the cube will move infinitely in the direction you applied forces and you have to control and change the velocity of the movement.

    See you and thanks and sorry my english!
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  6. elisee Official CraftStudio Team

    Fun concept and it's not too hard! I'd say it's be cool to make the cube look like ice cubes and have a generally winter-like visual style :)
  7. federan Funder !

    Hey maybe is a really nice idea! Thank you!
  8. htdreams Funder !

    Hey! very nice game, third level is for sure the hardest of all five :)

    I'll second having a winter theme, and also suggesting having side textures darker than top textures, because now as all of them are orange, it makes hard to tell the path exactly (if that it's on purpose, then forget what i said :^) )
  9. federan Funder !

    Thanks for playing it! I will take all your recomendations for the next build! Thanks again!
  10. td1801 Member

    The first craft stuio's game that I can finish ^^ The game is very cool !
    I think the level are not in the good order (sometime an easy level after an hard (but maybe it's intentionally ?).
    Oh, and the red cube is not very pretty ! ;)
  11. federan Funder !

    Yeah the levels are not in order but because I put them as I make them.
    The red cube will be changed for a penguin!

    Thank you so much for the feedback!
  12. elisee Official CraftStudio Team

    Just saw you added new builds, you should make sure to post a reply to your thread everytime so that people get notified :)
  13. federan Funder !

    Hey thanks for the advice! I will now post replies when I upload new versions.

    Sorry my english!
  14. federan Funder !

    New update, name changed to Penguin Dash! (Thanks Chris!)

    Elisee is it possible to change the name of the thread to "Penguin Dash"?
    Thank you so much!
  15. elisee Official CraftStudio Team

    The latest build link returns a 404 error.

    You can probably rename the thread yourself, no? I don't have admin rights here but I'll ask Maxime.
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  16. federan Funder !

    Link fixed!
    The thread tool I have is only "Delete Thread".

    Thank you so much!
  17. elisee Official CraftStudio Team

    I managed to get up to the 20-29 levels (probably something like 25) \o/
  18. federan Funder !

    Thank you for testing the game made with your game lol.
    I think CraftStudio is an awesome engine, because is really powerfull and easy to understand.

    Thanks again, see you!
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  19. federan Funder !

    New update! Thank you all for following this post!
    Can an admin change the title of the thread to "Penguin Dash"? Thanks!
  20. elisee Official CraftStudio Team

    (Looks like you updated the link's label but not its target, it still points to the b5 build)

    The collisions are much better indeed, it's more forgiving and it looks like you don't end up inside blocks anymore. Great job :)
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