[RELEASE] Irish-Sushi Smuggler

Discussion in 'CraftStudio Games' started by XTender, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. XTender Moderator


    I would like to introduce you to a small I game I've made during 3 Weeks for a small GameJam (A small Group, no special Jam :D )

    I could not work all 3 Weeks on it, that's why it's so "small".
    However, here it is and you can Play it if you like.

    The Genre is like, a "TurnBased-Pacman-Stealth-Riddle"-Thingy.

    10 Level of Irish-Japanese-Sushi-Guinness Mayham! (I wish I've done more Level :) )

    NOTE: If you don't have CraftStudio installed, you might need to install the XNA framework redistributable on Windows or the Mono runtime on Mac.


    Also the Server for this Project is open for all.

    I don't have any further Plans for the game, but every suggestion ow I could improve the Game is nice :)

    Have fun!
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  2. elisee Official CraftStudio Team

    I played it all (except for the last level that I have yet to finish) and it was awesome :). Great job, I really enjoyed the overall mood!

    (I promoted the post to the front page and added a link to download the dependencies)
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  3. Mitchell Well-Known Member

    Do you mind if I use this for CraftStudio Thursdays? I haven't made much progress on SR, so I was thinking of doing a mini lets-play on this.
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  4. XTender Moderator

    Sure, go on :)
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  5. federan Funder !

    Awesomely excellent!
    Great job, love the graphics.
  6. Canardu57 Administrator

    I love it ! Hard but very fun puzzle game ! Nice level design ;)
  7. Mitchell Well-Known Member

    Thanks XTender! Video will be up Friday... because I had a track meet that lasted all day today.

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