Teaming up (and CraftStudio's future)

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by elisee, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. elisee Official CraftStudio Team

  2. NotExplosive Member

    Glad to hear it!

    Let us know if you guys are looking for testers, I'm sure a ton of community members (myself included) would love to help out in any way we can!
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  3. Mitchell Well-Known Member

    Sounds great! Like NE said, I'd be happy to help test the software or do whatever to help.
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  4. MiniMatt Active Member

    I'm happy that you have finally started to take craftstudio a little more seriously, it has the potential to be something big.
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  5. ShadowFire3800 Active Member

    So happy to hear something that isn't master of the grid or something else! :)
  6. Zelzahim Member

    Really excited about this! You've got a great community backing you up in all your efforts.
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  7. Florent Active Member

    I am really excited for you all !
    Count me in as one of the the earliest adopters ! ;)

    Edit: Any ETA on a first "playable" release ?
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  8. elisee Official CraftStudio Team

    Thanks everyone! :)

    It's really too early to tell I'm afraid, we're still working out most of the basics. All I can tell for right now is that it's very promising!
  9. YRUSirius Member

    Please try to keep the Unity-like component based structure and the LUA scripting language. Those are some of the most flexible parts of CraftStudio in my opinion.

  10. Gibbagobba Member

    This is exciting! I am worried about a lessening of support for CS after this mysterious new tool is made (if you do manage to do so). I'm sure you will continue to manage CS, but will the fans? Will this new tool be overall superior, or will it allow two totally different kinds of developers?
  11. elisee Official CraftStudio Team

    We're attacking from both sides: we've got ideas to make it friendlier than CraftStudio for non-technical users (especially the "make your first game" experience), while also removing limitations for advanced uses. It sounds ambitious (and honestly, it is) but we've got some very concrete ideas already, so now it's a matter of getting it done. If it turns out as great as I imagine it, I believe people will be happy to move away from CraftStudio to the new thing and hopefully we can avoid having two side-by-side communities for too long. We'll see!
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  12. Gibbagobba Member

    Well, I'm certainly looking forward to whatever comes. One last question: If one of the main ideas is for people to eventually move away from CraftStudio, is there some kind of special deal for those who already bought CS? I can see a lot of people feeling ripped off otherwise.
  13. elisee Official CraftStudio Team

    Yes, definitely. Check out the first question of the FAQ in the blog post, I talked about it.
  14. YRUSirius Member

    Anything new to report? Any interesting information? Progress? Developement notes? :)

  15. bilou84 Moderator

    Hello ! We started a dev blog to post weekly updates on what we'are working on. Check it out !
  16. Erwan0fil Active Member

    Wrong link ?
  17. bilou84 Moderator

    Thank you!
  18. ShadowFire3800 Active Member

    Is the new engine being made in XNA like CS or is it different?
  19. bilou84 Moderator

    Superpowers is built with technologies from the Web: HTML5 and WebGL
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  20. Thaon New Member

    I am sorry but I have to express my disappointment, here's why:
    I bought Craftstudio almost spontaneously, I admired Elisee for the work done and I started making games with it right off the bat, I was amazed, it all felt so natural, the API is poorly commented and often you have to find workarounds for the simplest tasks (like collision detection and fog...) but "hey, it's just a beta" I thought, issues will be fixed, the API expanded and consolidated, I came to check the forums daily, then weekly, and now it's been three months since I checked.
    I came back without expecting any major change, like it did not happen in the previous times, but oh boy was I mistaken.
    The product I bought in beta basically entitles me to recieve nothing more than that, an unfinished product, Craftstudio is no longer being developed in favour of a new product that is unrelated to the previous one, I paid for a product that will never be completed, no fixes or expansions, no nothing.
    I am really disappointed, and I feel I was taken from the nose.
    I hope for you guys all the best, I can see the talent and the love behind Craftstudio, unfortunately, you have to commit or you will loose the people's favor, I for first will not pay anything more to your company for I know that your work is not reliable, and this makes me sad, really, it would be easy to be sarcastic but I saw a great potential and it all got wasted.
    Please, please, please correct me if I am wrong, I would love to be told that I saw everything from the wrong point of view, and I will be happy to be proven wrong, until then, gl and hf, but not with my money.

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